The joys of Inuk living

I’m still thriving and living and writing in this crazy world. Hope y’all are too.

I submitted a poem, “Ode to a Phenomenal Woman,” for the chapbook that Straw Dog Writers Guild summer intern, Marissa Mizzoni of Smith College, is editing. The chapbook is a fundraiser for the Dead Writers Dance that will be held at the Northampton Center for the Arts on Oct. 19th. Some chosen writers, poets will read aloud during the Spooktacular dance.

My office is still messy and I need better organization. I sit among the sea of papers with the fan on and the TV on for background noise. My handsome husband still delivers the daily 17:00-17:30 cup of coffee.

I went to the NMAI-NY for the day with my private chauffeur aka Husband earlier this month. I saw the amazing educational room that teaches visitors about Indigenous peoples. There are drawers full of items to touch and feel the joys of culture. My fren, Jennifer Rolenz, works there too. Go visit and say hi for me. I “smartly” brought my mini-ulu and the guard didn’t like it when he saw it in the xray machine. I leave it in my bag but always have it on me. How good of an Inuk would I be if I didn’t carry my caribou-handle ulu? (I mean, a girl’s gotta be able to cut her meat.) Fellow Happy Valley-Goose Bay born, Labrador Inuk Michael Massie has his art displayed in the big NMAI-NY room on the first floor. I have goofball photos of me in front of them. I couldn’t help but grin in pride. I saw my Lesley MFA alumna fren, Stacy LeVine, for a quick chat before we left the city. We “smartly” forgot to take photographs. (booo!)

I use the Procreate app on my iPad Air 3d gen. I have been busy making digital art since I can’t bead with my bad hands. (Advil is my fren.) I might post more of my prints here.

I am excited for my first brief piece to be published in Inuktitut of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. (What a fabulous opportunity for this writer to be in this amazing magazine for Inuit Nunangat.) Should be published in this coming week. My next piece is due soon. I’ve sent the cold emails out to people who know stuff. I hope they write back so I can interview them soon.

I saw Pudding and her g.f. as I helped her move into her new room. The old roommates should be grateful we kept our mouths shut. (FLOTUS Obama taught us well, “They go low, we go high.”) My Subbie is a very good vehicle and I am happy everyday to own her.

It’s all good. Take care, eat dessert first like Grandma-ma said, remember “Water is Life,” and be kind in this crazy world. Go Sox!

P.S. I don’t know how I forgot that I will be participating in the 21st Inuit Studies Conference in Montreal this October. I am soo excited! I ordered my ticket early and was able to buy a ticket for my bio-Mom, Juliana. We’ll bunk together in a hotel too. I can’t wait and need to start practicing my Inuktitut. I’ll share more info as time gets closer. Taima.

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